Services We Provide

JKFH Provides a wide variety of services such as uniform and workwear design, prototyping and production. As well as grooting courses and branding. See below for more details.

Bespoke Design

Creating exceptional bespoke uniform designs to match with the story behind your brand and its surroundings. Our designs are used for small and large scale uniform production projects and all designs are created in accordance with client brand requirements. Our aim is to enhance your guest experiences based on the brand image of your outlet. Additionally your team members should feel alive and confident in what they wear. Our flexible and creative approach from designing to prototyping is completely customized to your needs.

Uniform Optimization

A package that provides you with consulting and fabric optimization. Optimizing can increase practicality, durability or even reduce cost. No client or projects are the same, therefore we understand there are always different budgets and priorities. We can cater to your set budget to optimize your current designs to be more practical in the actual work life or exchange fabrics to assure a better durability.

Ready-To-Wear Catalogue

We provide access to a catalogue which covers work-wear, uniform footwear and personal protective equipment. Stock is carried in the medical, professional workwear, food manufacturing, catering and chef workwear. A business line is also available and all can be customized to your specific company branding needs, in partnership with Concept by Technoavia.

Grooming Standards

Amongst many important factors that contribute to a successful business your team members play a big role. Your staff in many cases display who you are and what your business stands for, therefore it is important that they convey the right message; not only through there uniform look and body language but also through a good hygiene. We offer a grooming package to set or improve your uniform standards, on the overall image of how your uniform is displayed and how the team members wear and care for them. Our package consists of a training course that consists of a full day training including a certificate for your staff.


JKFH works together with a wide range of international fabric / material suppliers and production companies across the world, that all comply to the rigorous tests of high end fashion brands. The network has taken years to build up, which creates an awesome creative power that is virtually non-existent here in the MENA region. Quality is king when it comes to making the right decision on fabrics, such as environmentally friendly, antibacterial or bio degradable fabrics.

It also means all customization of your design and prototype is possible. Regardless of the challenge.

For exclusive full-scale production of the designed collection we work together with Concept by Technoavia here in the MENA Region.

Branding & Marketing

Brand Guidelines
JKFH creates brand guidelines that is fully inclusive of all artwork and font files. A brand guideline outlines all your marketing and branding requirements. This allows you to send this document to any outside marketing company without confusion about how your company should be presented.This way your brand is streamlined way so your company is presented and experienced the same every time.

Digital & Online Presence
When needing a branded identity, a website and/or phone application is key in delivering information, services and a contact platform. We help create the websites and applications in a simple and efficient manner which is in accordance with all branding requirements.

As part of the development process we create your roadmaps, email templates for mass mailing and set up your communication channels (i.e. social media) for your customers.

Print Materials
Although most companies have an online presence most companies still have a need for branded design that is printed – JKFH designs and creates this:

Business cards
Tender Templates
Brand Guidelines
Company profiles

Sectors We Work In

JKFH works in a multitude of industrial and commercial sectors. Please also check out our clients to see who we have worked with in the past.


Food & Beverage Retail
Hospitality Entertainment
Industrial Education
Government Medical & Health Care
Sectors we work in