fashion meets masks!

Fashion Meets Masks!

We offer a different type of mask in various certified fabrics  UV / Breathable / waterproof / antibacterial / safe from toxic substances! Proudly produced in the UAE for the UAE. 

Our Team here at JKFH, thought of the best way to help fight this pandemic in UAE.

We have compared every possible fabric we have access to and working directly with our trusted suppliers around the world. We have chosen the optimal fabrics for a non-medical-grade fabric mask to produce these here in UAE for the UAE.

Especially in this time where it is uncertain what tomorrow brings. If we need to wear masks for a longer period we thought to do so in style but still be protected the best way possible. These fabrics we are selecting are also comely used in the health care sector to produce protective uniforms, so it is the highest quality fabric for a fabric face mask!

Types of masks

There are many different types of masks used and advised during this time; 3ply Civil mask, surgical mask, FFP2, N95, FFP1 whom are all produced outside of the country mainly from Asia, China. Our suppliers also still have stock on theses graded supplies and should you have interest in these we would gladly give the best prices we can to support a healthy togetherness.

How to order

To place an order we need to know which model you want as well as color, sizing and quantities. For this purpose we have made a page where you can request a quotation for large orders (minimum 100 pieces). There is also a link on that page for our Etsy shop where you can order smaller quantities.

Corporate Quotation Requests

Should you have any inquiries, questions or interest in the Masks we can provide do send us an email: or get in touch via our form on our contact page
Are masks effective to reduce the transmission of the virus?

YES. While they are not direct substitutes for N95 surgical or procedural masks, these filter/surgical masks do offer a significant degree of protection against droplets with COVID-19, and should help reduce person-to-person droplet transmission of the virus. On April 3, 2020, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) began officially recommending to wear “cloth face coverings” in public, to reduce community-based transmission of COVID-19.

Is our fashion mask with certified fabric or any fabric mask a medical grade mask?

No. The masks we offer with the certified fabrics here are not medical grade masks and do not replace N95 masks. However, the certified fabrics give a higher protection than self made ones with random fabrics. As noted on the website

“The Center for Disease Control notes that fabric masks are a crisis response option when other supplies are not available. N95 masks are in short supply, and people who don’t need them are using them. Surgical masks can serve lighter duty uses. Fabric face masks are best used to protect existing N95s and surgical masks.”

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