Corporate Mask Requests

Welcome to our corporate page for your antibacterial fabric masks! The Fashion meets masks collection should bring a bit of color into the daily routine. Stay happy, stay safe!

You might be looking for a safe yet stylish alternative to protect your staff / team members in these crazy new times. Our fabric face masks are made from certified fabrics that are finished with an antibacterial coating amongst other neat fabric features! But keep in mind, even though it is funky, certified and light to wear, it is still a non-medical-grade fabric mask.

WE offer 3 types of design models: Alpha, Beta and GammaAll models are available for the ladies and gents! For the gentleman we offer size large and for the ladies size small.

On this page you can place requests for the different mask models. Fill out the form and add as many as you will need as we can offer more competitive prices on larger quantities. Minimum quantity is 100 but we also have an online shop on Etsy for smaller quantities.

    Minimum order is set to 100. Check link to etsy for smaller quantities.

    Press + to add more products to your quotation request. Also assure all fields are filled out otherwise the form will not send.

    Models Overview

    Alpha model Broad mask with incised ears.

    Beta model Sporty design with raised nose curve with black piping and elastic ear loops.

    Gamma model Delicate rounded mask with low-cut cheeks party, black outer piping and elastic ear loops.

    Our Fabrics

    TYPE 1 – QL- 650 – Antibacterial, Quick Absorption, Quick Drying, ATB-UV +, UV Protection, Breathable, Waterproof

    TYPE 2 – QL- 246 – ATB-UV +, Antibacterial, Quick Absorption, Quick Drying, UV Protection, Creora®, Grin- Through Reduction, Thermal Resistance, High Elongation, Durable Chlorine Resistance

    TYPE 3 – QL-101 – ATB-UV Antibacterial, Quick Absorption, Quick Drying, UV Protection

    TYPE 4 – QL- 355 – ATB-UV +, Antibacterial, Quick Absorption, Quick Drying, UV Protection We can of course also completely customize your Face mask in bespoke color and logo branding!

    Should you look for a smaller QTY you can directly place your order in our Etsy Shop!

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